Druk Path Trek

Duration – 7 Days

Suitable Month- March – June or September –November

This trek is one of most preferred and popular trek in Bhutan and it is six days trek which passes through blue pine forest, natural landscape, pristine lake and high elevations and along the way, you can visit ancient Dzongs, temples and human settlements.

Druk Path terk is not very difficult to undertake as compared to other treks as rest camp is fairly close. As you trek along the trail, you will witness the natural forests of fir, blue pine and dwarf rhododendrons at altitudes ranging between 2400-4200 m. The trek has so much to offer in terms of incredible views of Mt. Gangkhar Puensum, the world’s highest peak that has not been scaled. The hikers can also enjoy the Jimiling Lake, pure and clear water which is also a home to oversized trout.

 Day One:

Arrive at Paro International Airport and after completing the formalities at the airport Immigration, you are required to exit the airport.  At the arrival gate, our representative will be there to receive you with the placard.  You will be escorted to the car and our representative will give you the brief introduction of the tour so that you will be fully aware of your stay in Bhutan.

Drive to hotel and complete the check in formalities. After refreshment at hotel, you will visit to Kichu Lhakhang. It is one of the oldest monastery in Bhutan built in the 7th Century by the Tibetan King Songtsen Gempo and followed by visit Ta Dzong and Ringpung Dzong. Ta Dzong  also known as Watch Tower, now it is converted to National Museum and has antique religious paintings, textiles, armor and weapons and you can also witness the wide range of natural and historic artifacts. After the visit to Ta Dzong, you can walk down to Rinpung Dzong and enjoy the cool breeze as Dzong in located above the Pa Chhu River. Other meaning for Rinpung is “fortress of the heal of Jewels” and has its own history. As you walk along the courtyard of the Dzong, you can also enjoy and understand the illustration of religious painting and Buddhist beliefs etc and overnight stay at Paro.

Day Two: Paro to Jili Dzong (7 Km & 4-5hours)

Your trekking will start from Ta Dzong (Watch Tower). The first day trek will be quite tiring as you have to climb more than 1000m elevation.  As you trek along, you will come across Jili Dzong and villages and might experience rough terrain. Overnight at camp.

Day Three: Jili Dzong to Jangchulakha ( Distance 10 Km & 4-5 hours, 310m ascent, 50 m descent & Camp  altitude 3770m).

The trek starts with steep climb for an hour and a half, as you trek along the trail, you will witness the thick alpine forests, dwarf rhododendron tress and if the weather is favorable, you will also have the opportunity to witness the spectacular view of Jhomolhari Mountain and other snowcapped mountains.  Camp is near the yak herders  site and overnight at camp.

Day Four: Jangchulakha to Jigmelang Tsho (Distance 11Km, around 4 hours, 230m descent, 330 m ascent, camp altitude 3,870 m).

If the weather is clear, the view of the peaks and valleys are simply stunning to witness and one can enjoy the Jimiling Lake, pure and clear water which is also a home to oversized trout. Overnight at camp.

Day Four: Jimgelang Tsho to Simkotra Tsho (Distance 11 km, 4 hours, 820 m ascent, 400 m descent, camp altitude 4,110 m).

As you trek along the trail, you will come across the dwarf rhododendron trees and past Janetso Lake which is simply spectacular to witness. You will also have the opportunity to get familiarize to the nomad’s life as you will see the yak herders residing near the campsite. Overnight at camp.

Day Five : Simkotra Tsho to Phajoding (Distance 10 km, 3-4 hours, 130 m ascent, 680 m descent, camp altitude 3,750 m)

This trek begins with gradual climb. If the weather is fine and suitable, you can witness the incredible views of Mt. Gangkhar Puensum, the world’s highest peak that has not been scaled and various Himalayan mountains.  Overnight at Phajoding cafeteria.

Day Six: (Distance 4-5 km, 3 hours, 1,130 m descent)

After visiting Phadjoding Monastery, trek to mothithang, Thimphu and it is downhill and one can enjoy the blue pine forest as you trek. The trek finishes at Bhutan Broadcast service (BBS) & Telecommunication Tower. Overnight stay in Thimphu.

Day Seven:

Drive to Paro International Airport for onward destination.