Druk Path Trekking

Druk path hiking is very famous trip in Bhutan which we can finish in 6 days walking. during this trekking can visit Dzongs, farm lands, farm houses. it is easy hiking compared to other treks.
Major highlights of this trek is Jimiling lake which is famous for crystal clear water with gigantic trout.
to see rhododendron February to May is suggested. between September and November is very nice for trekking

Day 1- Arrival in Paro Bhutan and tours in Paro

Day 2: trek Paro – Jili Dzong 
walking distance 7 km, trekking 4-5 hours, 1,090 m ascending, camp altitude 3,480 m. on this day we climb more than 1,000m elevation beginning from the Ta Dzong (National Museum) in Paro.

Day 3: hike from Jili Dzong  to Jangchulakha 
today we walk  10 km  in  4-5 hours, by climbing 310 m, our camp is at altitude of 3,770 m. we climb uphill for few hours then decend.

Day 4: hike from  Jangchulakha  to Jimgelang Tsho lake
we will walk 11 km in 4 hours, 230 m descending, 330 m ascending, camp altitude 3,870 m. we will camp at the lake side .

Day 5: trek from Jimgelang Tsho  to Simkotra Tsho 
Today’s walkking distanc is 12 km in 4 hours and camp near Simkotra lake.

Day 6: trek Simkotra Tsho  to  Phajoding 
today we walk 9.5 km in 3.5 hours, in the beginning uphill then downhill.

Day 7: trek from Phajodhing to Thimpu 
after 2.5 hours wak we end trek and explore thimpu. overnight at thimpu.

Day 8: departure from Bhutan

Transportation and Travel situation in Bhutan
Ground transportation is by private  vehicles based on number of travelers. we provide clean Air conditioning  and  heat in vehicles . expect bad roads with uphill and narrow tracks too, travel time might delay due to weather too.